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Faq's about our short term rentals.

Are you considering a stay in one of our short term apartments? We always do everything we can to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Do you have a question about the rental or reservation? Or would you like more information about our short term studios? Not sure which area of ​​Antwerp is the best place to stay? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Underneath you will find the answers to some frequently asked questions :


Renting an apartment or studio and making a reservation

What is the shortest period I can rent ?

Our accommodations are available for long and short term rent.
The shortest rental period is one month, depending on availability.

Which apartments are available for the moment or in the near future?

Curious about our availability? Check the list of the available apartments.

We only have a complete list for the coming month.
The availability for the other months is constantly changing as the contracts can be canceled or renewed on a monthly basis.

I am planning a holiday in Antwerp. Can I rent a place?

Yes, you can! Our accommodations are also available for tourists.

I am a student looking for a comfortable studio or a small apartment in Antwerp. Can you help me ?

All our studios and apartments, big or small, are well equipped and modernly furnished for the most demanding students.
Many like our concept because the rentals are all inclusive!

How can I rent a furnished apartment or a furnished studio ?

  • The easiest way is to contact us by phone or e-mail.
    Let us know:
      - the area in Antwerp you would like to stay
      - the type of accommodation you would like to rent - studio or apartment
      - how long you would like to rent
      - your monthly budget.
  • Once you have sent your enquiry form, we'll send you a proposal by email within 24 hours.
  • If this proposal meets your requirements (after a visit if necessary) we can book the studio or apartment for you.
  • Upon reservation we ask for you personal data:
    • Full name and domicile address
    • This data is then processed in a contract which will be sent to you by e-mail
  • We will ask for a reservation fee of 500 euro (as a prepayment of the rent).
    The booking will expire after 4 days if we did not receive any valid confirmation such as the signed contract and the reservation fee.
  • A deposit equaling the amount of the first month's rental price will be charged.

How and when will I receive the keys of the apartment ?

In order to obtain your keys, an appointment can be made on the location where you're renting the studio or apartment.
Just make sure that the deposit and the rent has been paid latest on the day you're occupying the flat. (Bank transfer or cash)

Why do we have to pay a deposit ?

The deposit is used to pay outstanding rental bills or to charge damages in the apartment or studio throughout the rental period.

When will the deposit be refunded ?

The deposit will be refunded on the day you're leaving the apartment or studio.

I am interested in renting an apartment or studio. How long do I have to book in advance ?

As we are very flexible it is possible to book on the day of your arrival in Antwerp. But of course, the sooner your make your booking, the more apartments and studios that may be available.

Can I make a reservation and confirm later ?

Since we have large demand, we cannot make free reservations. If you need a flat please book in advance as soon as possible.

Can I make bookings by mail ?

Or course.

Can I come and have a look before I book ?

Of course, you can visit our residences on working days, preferably during office hours.

What is the cancellation policy ?

As of the moment you confirm you want to rent the accommodation, the booking will be made. Because we are no hotel, it is not possible to cancel the booking.

Do all contracts have to start on the first day of the month and end on the last day of the month ?

This is to be agreed when making the contract. We are flexible, depending on the availabilities..

What about check-in ?

Normally you can check-in as of 16.00 hrs.

What about check-out ?

We prefer you check out no later than 12.OO (noon)

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Our services : Self catered apartments and studios

Are your services to be compared with an aparthotel ?

Similar to an aparthotel we offer furnished "rooms" (studio/apartment) with bath and kitchen facilities.
With Apartments Antwerp, the rental period is always defined in a contract.
Contrary to an aparthotel, you cannot check-in or check-out just like that.
We offer no hotel services such as daily cleaning of your apartment, laundry services, meals, reception,... in short, you rent a self catered apartement or studio.

Do we have to bring our own bed linen ?

We provide bed linen but NO towels for bathroom and kitchen.

Can I bring my pet ?

Sorry, pets are not allowed in our residences.

Do I have to clean the apartment when I leave ?

We have a special team for cleaning on departure, that is why there is a cleaning fee of 75 euro at the end of the lease.
Of course we count on the resident's respect to leave the flat in an acceptable state.

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Location of the apartments and studios

Where exactly in Antwerp are your apartments and studios located?

We offer apartments and studios on several strategic locations in the center of Antwerp.
One building is close to the Central Station, the other close to the port, yet another offers a very smooth connection with motorways, ...

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