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Temporary housing in Antwerp - Expats and short stay

We have a furnished studio to let in the Tolstraat in a renovated house for expats who are in Antwerp for a short stay.
The Tolstraat is located on the south near the Marnixplaats and the famous Nationalestraat which is the fashion heart of Antwerp.
It is possible to rent the studio for a long or short term. The studio is also interesting for the expat who is searching for temporary housing because of the location near the Museum, shopping facilities, bars en restaurants.
Many bed and breakfasts found there way over here just because of the safe and trendy neighborhoods.
Public transport and shops are in the immediate surrounding.


Studio 1 : furnished studio rental on the ground floor. Fit for expats in Antwerp.
Furnished studio on the ground floor

Studio 2 : situated on the first floor. Perfectly furnished to fit the highest standards in temporary housing.
This rental is a perfect studio for expats and short stay in Antwerp.
studio on the first floor

Studio 3 : Second floor rental. As you can see on the images, the studios on the first and second floor are identical. We provide maximum comfort for both long or short stay.
studio on the second floor

Are you an expat and searching for temporary housing in Antwerp ?
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